Luxury tents

If you are organizing private celebration, business conference, music event, fair or any other  manifestation on open land where you do not need to depend on weather conditions, come to us and look out gallery.

We own luxury tents various sizes from 25m2 to 1000m2.

We can set up luxurious tents in any place, whether it be beach, meadows, city squares.

Tents are tested against rain, snow, and they are wind resistant to 100km/h.

If mounted on the ground, they are fasten with 32 or 64 steel wedges. And if it is a beach or a city square, where it is impossible to pinch the pins we use about 15 tons of special concrete reinforced ballast.

A special experience for large tents is its height, ranging from a 4m wall to 6m peak.

 Also you can choose type of roof, transcend or white who stops UV rays or you can make your custom combination, decorating it with various kinds of decoration.

In case you want to replace grass or concrete with carpet or laminate, we own 1500m2 of wooden floor, with which you will have a hotel atmosphere on any terrain and location with accompanying decoration, lighting, sound and video.